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Tips For Buying Recliner Slipcovers

If you are considering purchasing recliner slipcovers then the following tips may be of interest to you.

This might have been an interior decorator or homeowner’s dilemma at one point – getting the furniture to blend with the rest of the pieces in the room. If it wasn’t a “blending problem,” it couldn’t have been a problem with a beautiful piece of furniture that doesn’t stand out in the room when it’s supposed to.

Have you ever had an old recliner which you didn’t want to get rid of just because it didn’t go well with the rest of the furniture in your living room? Or is your recliner new but its color just doesn’t blend well with the room? Or is your recliner’s upholstery worn out that you need to get it fixed but just don’t have the time to get it re-upholstered yet?

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New recliner slipcovers might just be the perfect solution to make your favorite furniture go well with the other furniture in the house. The good thing about recliner slipcovers is that you can have as many sets of it as you want. This is especially true when you want to change your room’s theme every now and then but still want your recliner to blend in with the room and the rest of the furniture. If you want to go rustic, you can always have an earthy color as a recliner slipcover. If you want country feel, you can also have a mustard color for a slipcover. The possibities are just endless. Most of all, it doesn’t cost too much to buy or have a recliner slipcover made.

Once you have purchased recliner slipcovers, it is pretty easy to put it on your recliner. More often than not, the different slipcover parts are labeled accordingly, indicating which part goes to what side of the recliner. If what you purchased is a one-piece slipcover, you can simply spread the slipcover on top of the recliner then line up to its shoulders. You will need to set the chair to its reclining position with its foot slightly raised. Once in correct position, simply line up the slipcover’s tags which are marked for the arms. A hole should be available for the handle of the recliner which is at the right side.

Once you’re able to cover the arms, the rest of the steps will be easy to follow. What’s important is that you tuck in the rest of the fabric to achieve a smooth finish. A flawless, crease-free slipcover will make your recliner look as good as new.



Choosing Custom Slipcovers For Your Sofa

I made this site out of the frustration of not being able to find good quality custom slipcovers at reasonable prices. Recently, when I need slipcovers, but I was on a budget and could not afford to buy from my local store, I had spent a good deal of time researching the various vendors both on and offline.

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The result was I got great quality slipcovers at really low prices. So I knew that there were others in my situation that could benefit from my research, so I decided to build this site and publish the results of my findings. Online retailers have low overheads and often stock a better range of products than traditional stores, so they can pass on the saving to their customers.

Now protecting your couch and other furniture from damage can be a challenge, especially if you have young kids or pets in the house. A slipcover can prevent your couch from getting dirty as a consequence of spilt beverages or pet hairs. They are easily removed for washing or cleaning.

Even if you do not have kids or pets a couch that looked great when purchased can look dated after a few years. Although it may still be in great physical condition a cheap custom slipcover can make it look like new again thereby extending the life of the sofa for many years.

Furthermore, if you change the decor in a room your chairs may no longer match the new look. Again custom slipcover are the answer and can save you a fortune. With the huge range of material, you are sure to find slipcovers that can give your sofa a brand new look for only a fraction of the cost of replacing the couch.

Custom slipcovers are available in many styles from classic covers to modern ones; both will enhance the beauty of your interior. Cotton slipcovers can be easily cleaned and do not attract dust and are great if you have kids.

There are a number of factors you need to consider when purchasing a new set of custom slipcover for your sofa. First you need to determine is what color, pattern and fabric you need to match your decor. Then you need to get the proper measurements for the couch or chairs to ensure you get good fit. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when measuring the couch.

With this information at hand you are ready to get a quotation for your new custom slipcovers. Here are some online suppliers to get you started.

Amazon is always a good place to start but also look at Overstock for some great prices.
For cheap slipcovers I usually check out eBay also.

Hope you found this useful. If you have any suggestions please post below.