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Ottoman Slipcovers

Give your trusty worn out Ottoman a makeover without paying a fortune for brand new furniture with a brand new custom made Ottoman Slipcover.

Most households have one or a couple of ottomans along with their sofa set. This piece of furniture serves as an ordinary bench with padded or upholstered seat often used as foot stool or improvised coffee table. In some cases, there are hollow types which can also function as boxes for books, magazines or storage for just about anything. It is this purpose that makes it indispensable.

The fact that this old boring ottoman cannot be simply ignored, there are a number of ways to make it look more appealing, especially when it is just wandering around the living room and easily catchy to the eyes of your visitors. You don’t have to buy a replacement or spend too much on furniture make over. The best way to do is to put on an Ottoman Slipcover .

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If you want a more personalized touch, you can actually sew one. Since ottomans are commonly square or rectangular, sewing an ottoman slipcover could be as simple as folding a gift box except that you would have to do it with a fabric. Making slipcovers for a round one are also just as simple.

Making an ottoman slipcover is easy as A-B-C. You will need a tape measure to know the dimensions of your furniture, paper and pencil to draft a pattern, fabric of your choice, some sewing motions (thread, needles, scissors, pins, etc.) and some embellishments that you wish. If you are planning to make a permanent slipcover, you might also need a wood stapler or glue gun. There are a number of instructional videos online that you can follow in sewing your own ottoman slipcover.

Another option is to buy a ready-made one. There are a number of varieties to choose from. But whether sewing your own or buying one, you will need to know the exact dimensions of your ottoman to ensure that it will fit perfectly. It is also important to note what exactly do you want its look to be? Do you want one that matches with your current sofa set? Do you want a simple yet elegant feel? You can change the look of that worn ottoman depending on your mood or the season.

There are all kinds of fabrics to choose from. There are those with patterns to add texture, or suede or silk for a smooth finish. There are also stretchable types usually made of polyester and spandex which can fit snuggly to your ottoman giving it a more stylish look.

Whichever option you choose, revitalizing the image of your tatty-looking ottoman is an enjoyable project to do without the danger of messing up your budget.