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How To Make Your Own Slipcovers

Slipcovers can help protect your furniture from dust, dirt and pet hairs. By using them you make sure that you maintain a nice look to the sofa and chairs so that they match the décor of the home. Often you find that they get dirty due to normal everyday use.

Sometimes you might find stains from food or beverages and sometimes even it is filled with pet hairs. This is the reason why you need to choose chair slipcovers which can help you protect and save the chairs from regular wear.

Sometimes it is difficult to find ready made slipcover that will fit your couch or recliner and your only option them is to make your own or make alterations to the purchased slipcovers.

How To Make Your Own Slipcovers


Tips For Buying Recliner Slipcovers

If you are considering purchasing recliner slipcovers then the following tips may be of interest to you.

This might have been an interior decorator or homeowner’s dilemma at one point – getting the furniture to blend with the rest of the pieces in the room. If it wasn’t a “blending problem,” it couldn’t have been a problem with a beautiful piece of furniture that doesn’t stand out in the room when it’s supposed to.

Have you ever had an old recliner which you didn’t want to get rid of just because it didn’t go well with the rest of the furniture in your living room? Or is your recliner new but its color just doesn’t blend well with the room? Or is your recliner’s upholstery worn out that you need to get it fixed but just don’t have the time to get it re-upholstered yet?

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New recliner slipcovers might just be the perfect solution to make your favorite furniture go well with the other furniture in the house. The good thing about recliner slipcovers is that you can have as many sets of it as you want. This is especially true when you want to change your room’s theme every now and then but still want your recliner to blend in with the room and the rest of the furniture. If you want to go rustic, you can always have an earthy color as a recliner slipcover. If you want country feel, you can also have a mustard color for a slipcover. The possibities are just endless. Most of all, it doesn’t cost too much to buy or have a recliner slipcover made.

Once you have purchased recliner slipcovers, it is pretty easy to put it on your recliner. More often than not, the different slipcover parts are labeled accordingly, indicating which part goes to what side of the recliner. If what you purchased is a one-piece slipcover, you can simply spread the slipcover on top of the recliner then line up to its shoulders. You will need to set the chair to its reclining position with its foot slightly raised. Once in correct position, simply line up the slipcover’s tags which are marked for the arms. A hole should be available for the handle of the recliner which is at the right side.

Once you’re able to cover the arms, the rest of the steps will be easy to follow. What’s important is that you tuck in the rest of the fabric to achieve a smooth finish. A flawless, crease-free slipcover will make your recliner look as good as new.